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New Year resolutions worth pursuing with your marketing in 2019

A new year can feel like a very exciting time for many of us, not least because it provides a convenient opportunity for us to assess how we fared over the past year and decide how to rectify our shortcomings for the year ahead. You could approach your marketing efforts similarly.

Indeed, why shouldn’t you? As we have emphasised many times on this blog, the world of marketing doesn’t stand still, so neither do its rules. Here are some 2019-friendly paths to SEO success.

Eat more healthily… with an emphasis on E-A-T

Google loves content that its users love… and, more to the point, trust. How can you foster trustworthiness with your website’s content? Adhere to the principles of “E-A-T” – Expertise, Authority and Trust. The first two of those can help you to attract the third.

Through sharing case studies of your work, you can reveal your expertise, while highlighting which respected websites have posted your material can go some way towards showing your authority.

Lose weight… by removing low-quality content

Much like your personal “get fit” plan for 2019 probably calls on you to shed fat and gain muscle, your marketing strategy for the year should involve generating great new content while also losing what isn’t helping you. We are referring here to “zombie” pages of your site…

A “zombie” page is so-called as, in an SEO sense, it is redundant due to its inclusion of low-quality or repetitive content. Don’t hold onto such pages if you can’t repurpose them.

Spend more time travelling… with a camera in hand

According to studies, visual content stays longer in the memory than a text blog, with people able to recall as much as 65% of the former over three days. We could attribute this situation to short attention spans, with visually-presented information being relatively quick and easy to digest.

You could take account of this by presenting details through infographics, which are commonly shared, and posting your own photos, such as of staff members or “behind the scenes” events.

Get rid of rubbish… backlinks

With a web marketing package from Webahead Internet, you can benefit from well-written “guest posts” which are placed on other sites but link back to your own. Each link of this type is known as a “backlink”. We can generate great backlinks for you, but what about backlinks you already have?

Unfortunately, you might have previously sourced backlinks through means frowned upon by Google. Hence, it’s worth tracing dodgy backlinks and severing those toxic ties where you can.

Make new friends… with a podcast or video blog

When forming their New Year resolutions, many people set their sights on doing something unfamiliar but exciting. You could be similarly adventurous with your marketing by setting up a new podcast or video blog for your business and so helping to invest in its promotional future.

A podcast or video blog can give your firm a more human image – and we can help you to further that image through other means.

New Year resolutions worth pursuing with your marketing in 2019

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