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Conversational marketing: tips for growing your business through messaging

If used correctly, conversational marketing can prove to be an incredibly powerful tool to boost your business. People expect conversations to be helpful, personal and empathetic, and technology presents us with an amazing opportunity to have such conversations at scale.

Using a messaging strategy to grow your business can be genius. Messaging consumers will allow the humanity of your brand to shine through, as it requires interaction. However, it’s important to remember that your messaging strategy should deliver value over time.

The most successful messaging strategies are always helpful to the customer – whether that is through practical help in regards to the product or service of your business or via entertaining content.


Mobile messaging is on the rise. A recent Facebook report cited that, on average, 59% of people across 14 markets were messaging more than they were two years earlier, while 56% anticipated their messaging increasing yet further.

With even Facebook Messenger alone having over one billion people users per month, businesses have a great platform to make messaging an integral part of their strategy.

How to use messaging successfully

When you are creating outgoing messages from your page, always remember to focus on the tone of your brand. Whether you are using Live Chat or a bot, each interaction should reinforce your brand while remaining friendly, so keep language conversational.

Consider using a chat bot where appropriate. By doing so, you can cut to the chase when it comes to sales conversations. Chat bots can provide automated answers to frequently asked questions in real time, the perfect tactic for customers who want information but not a conversation. This helps to save time and doesn’t annoy the customer with a repetitive process.

Don’t lower your prices just to undercut larger competitors, as doing so can leave you at the bottom of the pile. Yes, customers do love a discount. However, cutting the price of your products or services to make them seem more attractive can actually often have the opposite effect on their perceived value.

Rather than fall victim to that mistake, establish a price that is fair and reflects the value your customers will receive. That way, when you do message a cost-sensitive customer, you will be able to cement why your product is worth the asking price before you offer evidence to back up those claims.

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Conversational marketing: tips for growing your business through messaging
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