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Don’t let these unprofessional touches slip into your social media strategy

The immediacy of social media is a big reason why it can pay promotional dividends for your business. Unfortunately, however, that same quality can also put you at risk of making slip-ups that are potentially costly to your company’s image – and therefore its  financial stability, too.

Retweeting content you haven’t read

If your company’s Twitter timeline throws up a Tweet that would supposedly be interesting and relevant to your target audience, don’t be too quick to hit that ‘Retweet’ button.

Instead, you should carefully read through that Tweet’s content to verify that it really would be appreciated by your followers. After all, the Tweet may express views out of alignment with your company’s ethos or include a link leading to a dreaded ‘404 Page Not Found’ message.

Cross-posting from sites

Many of your friends might be keen on using the cross-posting functionality of various social media websites – for example, posting content to Instagram that is also automatically shared to Twitter. However, it isn’t necessarily wise to replicate such tactics in your professional marketing campaigns.

One big problem is that the cross-posted content might only be shared in part, shedding much of what had made it compelling in its original context. This is a particular nuisance when posting from Instagram to Twitter, where users of the latter get a link instead of a seamlessly embedded image.

Using hashtags on Facebook

Contrary to what you might have seen some online articles suggesting, you might not be mining a new source of promotional juice if you start placing hashtags into your Facebook content.

While hashtags are common and convenient for unearthing interesting new content on the comparatively open platform of Twitter, most interesting material on Facebook is concealed by privacy settings. This situation renders Facebook hashtags almost useless in many instances.

There are many do’s and don’ts of social media marketing, but it’s not always easy to tell which is which. Fortunately, with our SEO and marketing services, we can steer you in a direction conducive to success on the leading social media platforms.

Don't let these unprofessional touches slip into your social media strategy
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