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The write stuff: tips for getting your copywriting efforts right

However much you spruce up your website’s visual components, from its logo and branding colours to its overall interface, you can’t afford to overlook the site’s textual content. After all, this is what the design is meant to draw attention to in the first place; words are the ‘bread and butter’ of your site.

This calls for you to provide written content that simultaneously engages and informs – but, if you have little experience of writing long-form copy, here are some tips well worth heeding.

What do you ultimately aim to achieve with your copy?

No matter how informative and impartial-looking your article may become, you should still carefully craft it to meet a specific goal. Indeed, you should define this goal before you even put a finger to the keyboard. This goal could be as simple as gathering email addresses for a mailing list or promoting a particular item in your stock.

Research, research, research

Remember that, to develop a reputation that earns your content sustained interest from potential customers, you need to provide accurate and reliable information in your copy. You can’t position yourself well to do that unless you genuinely know what you’re writing about.

Focus on what you’re offering, rather than what rivals aren’t

It should go without saying that when you’re using an article to shine a spotlight on a particular product or service of yours, you should draw attention to its benefits rather than its drawbacks.

Still, you should also be careful not to denigrate competing companies or their equivalent offerings in attempts to sell yours, as your readers are likelier to embrace positivity than negativity.

Use simple, to-the-point language – including keywords

When you seek to catch a broad audience in your promotional net, you should hold off using jargon unless you also clearly explain what it means.

You may find that some of the simple words and phrases to which you feel naturally drawn also happen to be effective keywords for your needs. For example, if you offer plumbing services in Darlington, using the keyword ‘plumbing in Darlington’ in your articles could be a sound strategy.

One of our SEO packages could be invaluable for ensuring you get the most out of your website’s articles from a promotional and revenue-generating perspective, not least as we can expertly write such copy for you.

The write stuff tips for getting your copywriting efforts right
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