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The importance of choosing the right domain name

There was once a time – albeit a very distant one – when, to load a website, you would have to input its numeric address known as an internet protocol, or IP, address. However, with such strings of numbers often hard to recall, computer scientists devised the text-based domain name system.

Still, in a sense, you could say that they didn’t quite finish the job. Even with text at your disposal, you need to think carefully about how to assemble a name – because of these factors…

A carefully-chosen name can strengthen your brand

Even now, with Apple and Samsung firmly established as everyone’s favourite purveyors of smartphones, you probably still remember the BlackBerry. The unique name of this now largely defunct phone range might be as influential as its physical keyboards in helping you to remember.

However, did you know that “StrawBerry” was suggested as an alternative name, only to be shot down because it took longer to pronounce? This implies the possible impact of meticulous branding.

You can place keywords in the domain name

You might have been wondering whether you really had the option of treating your domain name as an extension of your SEO efforts and so including keywords in it.

The reassuring answer is that, yes, you can. According to some studies, keyword-specific domains can catch more interest and spark nearly twice as many clicks as generic domains. This could be due to such domains being more visible to people seeking specific things, leading such people to click.

A domain name can be effectively personalised

We have already mentioned one example of a truly unique and thus memorable brand: BlackBerry! Given how the keys of the handsets’ trademark keyboards looked like blackberry drupelets, it’s hard to imagine those devices having been given any other name.

It’s also a great example of the kind of creativity which you ought to unleash in your efforts to decide on a specific domain name. A memorable domain can be easier to remember and so type correctly.

Your business can come across as more credible

If you were to set up your company’s website through a free web hosting site, you might be handed a rather slapdash and unprofessional-looking domain name like

This wouldn’t exactly foster the most professional image. Therefore, it could dent the confidence that a prospective customer has about your company and so lead to lost sales.

Owning a domain name lets you take it with you

Buying a personalised domain name can be an expensive endeavour, especially if you are opting for a high-value domain name to which many authoritative links are already pointing.

However, unforeseen circumstances could abruptly necessitate you transferring to a different web host or switching to an in-house server. In either situation, you would need also to change your URL – and so abandon the old one’s SEO profile – if you don’t own that older URL.

Our team can register a domain name on your firm’s behalf; dial us on 01325 582112 for more details.

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