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How to find the best keywords for your website

You might know the need to select the right keywords to strategically insert into your website’s copy. However, sadly, actually finding out those keywords can be fiendishly tricky.

One big reason why is that, over time, Google has concealed more and more information about what keywords push its website crawlers’ buttons. The search giant is obviously reluctant to reveal too much of its “secret sauce”, but here are tried-and-tested methods of finding suitable keywords.

Type into Google to activate its auto-populate function

If you regularly make search queries through Google, you are likely very accustomed to, as you type, seeing the search engine bring up suggestions of what you might want to input in its search box.

As those suggestions aim to predict what you will type in full, they can give you a useful insight into long-tail keyword phrases that might not be picked up by keyword planner tools. These are phrases which each comprise three or four keywords and zero in on a very specific query.

Look at the “Searches related to…” section of a Google SERP

Once you have hit the Enter key or search button on a Google search query, you would only have to scroll down the first SERP – search engine results page – to see further tantalising suggestions.

Those would be under a heading titled “Search related to…” and then the search term that you have just used. The alternative searches listed beneath this heading are worth perusing because they can give you an idea of keywords associated with those you are already considering or using.

Strike an appropriate level of keyword specificity

When trying to decide which keywords to use, avoid excessively utilising single-word terms, as these are likely to be too competitive. It would be better for you to extend the number of words to two or three per phrase, though you should also hold off being overly specific with each phrase.

For example, while “ice cream” could be attracting too many competitors, “raspberry ripple ice cream in Houghton-le-Spring” might be too little-used a term for which optimisation is worthwhile.

Get suggestions from Google Ads Keyword Planner

If you have been acting on the tips previously suggested in this article, you have probably gathered a fairly large pool of promising-looking keywords by now. However, if you would still like further variations on those, give Google Ads Keyword Planner – a free-to-use keyword suggestion tool – a try.

This tool can also enlighten you about the average tally of searches that each posited keyword is already attracting per month. This situation can nudge you towards teasing out the shiniest gems.

Ask our SEO experts to help you monitor and tweak keywords

Given how commonly and unpredictably Google’s search algorithm can change, you could take a lot of anguish out of keeping track of it all if you leave us to assess and modify your keyword profile.

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