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Is your site’s organic traffic drying up? Here are some possible remedies

If the web traffic to your site abruptly drops, panic can set in practically as rapidly. Did you make a wrong turn somewhere? Did you post an article to which many visitors responded with scorn? How are you supposed to pinpoint the source of the problem?

All of these panic-stricken thoughts could quickly rush through your head, but relax – you might be able to remedy the issue relatively quickly by following these steps…

Check that the tracking code is working properly

Your Google Search Console provides a treasure trove of valuable SEO data. You can find out, for example, which keyword searches are lifting your site into the upper echelons of the search results as well as when Googlebot is visiting your site.

Still, this data’s reliability should come into question if your site’s tracking code is malfunctioning. Tinkering with the website code or adding analytics plug-ins could give rise to this, so verify the code’s proper installation by clicking Admin, Tracking Info and Tracking Code in Search Console.

Watch out for algorithm changes

Google alters its algorithms about 500 to 600 times a year. This means that Google is making multiple changes a day – and, if you don’t keep sufficiently close track of this tinkering, you could fall behind in your efforts to preserve your site’s SEO potency.

While most algorithm updates are fairly small, you can’t rule out the possibility of an occasional significant revamp, like Panda or Hummingbird, throwing your SEO efforts into disarray when it hits.

Troubleshoot issues brought on by a site redesign

Seeing your site in a whole new livery could fire you up with excitement that, nonetheless, then rapidly evaporates as you notice how adversely the new design has affected your visitor numbers.

Investigate, for example, whether you could significantly trim the site’s speed; it might have become bloated as the fresh design was implemented. That design might have lost you valuable content, too.

If other sites have shed their links to your site, have them restored

Such links directed towards your site are called “inbound links” – and losing too many of them can, of course, make a direct and meaningful impact to your referral traffic.

However, you could also be losing visitors less directly. As your site’s inbound link profile shrinks, this indicates to Google that your site should be treated less authoritatively by its search crawlers. Subsequently, the site’s visibility on Google falls, and so fewer people find it in the first place.

Majestic and Ahrefs are two link counters to which you can turn to detect your site’s links tally. If that number has indeed fallen, sites which have removed backlinks might be willing to restore them on your request. Otherwise, you could build links afresh through other means.

Those could include submitting guest articles to sites highly ranked by Google and amassing social shares through launching social media marketing initiatives with which we can help you. By giving us a call on 01325 582112, you can learn more about the possibilities.

Is your site's organic traffic drying up? Here are some possible remedies
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