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Keyword to the kingdom: surprising sources of great keywords

While it wouldn’t strictly be true to say that keywords are dead in the SEO game, you still have to be careful how you use them. This even extends to your selections of keywords in the first place. While many keyword-finding tools are at your disposal, your competitors might often be using them, too.

As a result, you could find yourself getting crowded out in the attempt to score highly on specific keywords. One way around this is to find more obscure, but still effective, keywords – such as in…

Google Search Console

This tool – offered by Google for free, we should add – can prove a formidable weapon in your SEO arsenal, so to say. Though you might have formed a habit of more often turning to Google’s Keyword Planner – also free – as a source of keywords, your rivals have probably also done so…

Head into the queries part of your Google Search Console account and see the ones for which you are ranked at least 11th. You might lack content that acts on the intent of those keywords.

Your Google AdWords account

Again, the trick here is to avoid the Keyword Planner tool. Instead, turn your focus to how you are already performing for particular keywords. For those keywords drawing the most volume, use the Search Terms tool to see if those keywords are included in particularly broad search phrases.

A company offering cloud accountancy services, for example, might see terms like “how to switch my accountancy to the cloud”. Seeing such terms could spark ideas for new articles.

Google search results

Let’s assume that, instead, you run a company offering services in plumbing and heating. These services could include fixing broken-down boilers – in which case, you might want to optimise fresh content for a key phrase such as “why is my boiler not working”.

Try typing that as a search term into Google. Clicking to initiate the search will bring up much useful information, the first part of which you should check is that headed “People also ask”. Here, you can find other, related phrases which could be incorporated into your content.

You could also scroll down to the “Searches related to…” section at the foot of the page. The search terms here comprise great phrases to include in your content aimed at optimising for “why is my boiler not working”. Even some bolded words in the main results might be viable as new keywords.

Our SEO marketing packages

If you’re still struggling to come up with ideas of keywords for which your competitors haven’t already heavily optimised their content, you might be able to break the deadlock by taking out one of our web marketing packages. We offer Starter, Intermediate and Advanced packages.

When first forming a partnership with us, you might favour our Starter option, which includes 5 targeted keyword phrases. That number increases to 10 for either of the other two packages. Each package includes a broad suite of SEO marketing services.

Keyword to the kingdom: surprising sources of great keywords
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