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Where SEO looks set to take your local business in 2019

If you have recently set up a new business, how are you supposed to connect with potential customers? The simple answer is, by keeping your sights local. The not-so-simple answer is to use SEO to push Google’s buttons in a way that places your digital marketing material in front of local people.

As with other aspects of digital marketing, the dos and don’ts of SEO tend to change as particular trends take hold. So, how might you need to re-engineer your local SEO strategy for 2019?

Prioritisation of the user experience

It’s easy to feel bewildered when you are trying to learn about the technical aspects of SEO; it can be rather like scrutinising the small text of a thick instruction manual for a new, high-end computer. However, the good news is that SEO is no longer deemed a primarily technical pursuit.

That’s because web marketers know how futile a well-oiled technical infrastructure can be if it isn’t underpinning content that thoroughly engages users, so a degree of creativity must come into play.

The continued rise of Accelerated Mobile Pages

Did you know that Google uses separate indexes for facilitating mobile and desktop search queries? Furthermore, mobile has supplanted desktop as the primary index. This emphasises the importance of ensuring that your e-commerce website is easy to use and navigate on smartphones and tablets.

In your efforts to ensure this, you shouldn’t overlook the Google-run project Accelerated Mobile Pages. This provides technology with which you can ease the task of optimising a site for mobile.

Crisp content that gets straight to the point

As you fill the design framework of your site with content, you should cut out superfluous elements where you can. It won’t be missed; after all, with people spending an average of roughly two minutes on each website they visit, you should help them to use that time efficiently.

Again, this is where creativity can prove a major factor. Use your site’s layout and graphics to nudge visitors straight to places where you can give them the ‘have-to-have’ details.

Keeping online information relevant

If someone who lives in the particular coverage area served by your business has stumbled upon your site in the first place, they probably have a very specific problem.

To list two examples, they might have a leaking roof if they have found your roofing firm, or excited kids if you run a toy store! You should therefore stick to including information that you would expect to serve their specific need. Perhaps you could post articles that our copywriters can craft for you?

Video making a killing…

The radio star might not be the only casualty of video in 2019. Expect the already significant importance of video in the SEO space to grow even further next year.

With video, you can be insightful in an especially riveting way – and if you keep your videos on YouTube and simply link to them from your site, they don’t have to take up excessive bandwidth. Our website further details the possibilities with SEO campaigns.

Where SEO looks set to take your local business in 2019
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