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Valuable tips for generating B2B sales through Facebook

With the advent of the Internet, the way that products can be made and sold has changed dramatically. Buying and selling via the global network allowed for a trading exchange like never before. Now, with the global monster that is Facebook, the concept of business to business (B2B) sales and ideas on how to generate them has gone through the roof.

Read on to find out some crucial tips for generating B2B sales through Facebook…

CRM data

B2B marketers have the unique ability to tap into CRM (customer related management) data – meaning that, as a business, you can find out what your audience will respond to without having to badger them directly. Through Facebook-generated demographics, you can easily find out who your audience is and find out exactly what to target them on.

Facebook lead ads

Facebook lead ads are a goldmine in advertising because they attract your audience’s attention without them even knowing.

In this mobile-driven world where everything moves so fast, getting people to fill out a form or survey is going to prove difficult and laborious. That’s why Facebook does it for you, using information the audience has already provided as well as other information synced from the CRM.

Find some feedback

Never underestimate the power of feedback on social media. Opinions are rife on social networking sites, probably because anyone can give any opinion they like in a matter of seconds. Encouraging users to leave formal reviews could be a way of generating a lot of feedback, but you may find that only users with negative opinions will leave formal reviews.

Fortunately, by asking for informal opinions instead, you are more likely to garner a genuine consensus from your audience. You can then use this consensus to decide exactly how to cater to your audience and thereby potentially build upon your sales.

Target B2B work categories specifically

As pointed out above, it is easy for businesses to target their audience type, but you may not have realised just how easy it is to target specific categories on Facebook. This is sure to boost your potential in generating sales, as these companies will be looking for exactly what you are offering.

When you’re creating your lead ads, be sure to notice and make use of the More Demographics option. This will provide you with a wider range of categories, meaning you can target the companies that provide services appropriate to what you can cater towards.

Remember to upsell!

One of the most important things to remember when promoting your B2B services is that of upselling. Given all of the useful audience targeting tools that Facebook has to offer, why not make the most of them?

By using the Custom Audience feature, you can find out exactly which companies and audiences have considered, or even used, your services and re-target them specifically. This is a great way to remind another business of your presence and potential and is yet another little-known Facebook feature which can have a great impact on your B2B sales!   

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Valuable tips for generating B2B sales through Facebook
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