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Why now is an especially good time to promote fitness solutions

Encouraging better fitness has evidently become an even stronger focus among tech brands recently. Apple has launched new Apple Watch models, including the rugged Apple Watch Ultra, while Google has unveiled its Fitbit-augmented Pixel Watch.

However, if you are looking to get into tip-top shape with the use of any of these products, have you considered how your own brand could be inspired by big-name companies’ efforts in the fitness space? Here’s why now would be a good time to think about the subject…

We’ve seen lots of new fitness solutions breaking cover lately  

Those have included the Apple Watch Series 8, which throws in a new temperature sensor as well as more accurate accelerometers and gyroscopes to go with various features carried over from last year’s Series 7. The Apple Watch Ultra, meanwhile, is designed for extreme sports activities.

However, as Apple Watch models are only compatible with iPhones, users of Android handsets have to consider alternative smartwatches. Fortunately, there’s plenty of choice in that department — including the Pixel Watch, which integrates deep Android support along with Fitbit functionality.

Why might many of your target customers currently be in the mood for exercise?

It’s not just due to the arrivals of hardware products like those mentioned above, enticing though those may be even for people who haven’t previously prioritised shaping up.

There’s also the fact that the cost-of-living crisis has obviously taken its toll on many people across the UK. According to a Bloomberg report, almost half of UK families are left with less than £3 a week — and, nationally, financial hardship has doubled in the space of a year.

In this context, physical exercise can constitute a more cost-effective pastime than, say, going out for dinner or to see a film at the cinema. Running, for example, can be done without a lot of specialist gear, while gyms and leisure centres are within easy walking distance of many homes.

Even when money is spent on fitness endeavours, the cost isn’t necessarily as high as you might have expected. Just consider the example of the ‘budget’ Apple Watch SE — which, starting at £259, is much cheaper than other Apple Watch models as well as the Pixel Watch.

Also, if you own an iPhone running iOS 16.1 or above, you can now subscribe to the online classes of Apple Fitness+ without needing an Apple Watch. Free trials are available for the service, where a monthly fee of £9.99 usually applies.

How to get started with positioning your company as a fitness brand 

On the Webahead blog, we have previously touched on the subject of how digital marketing can be effectively used for promoting fitness solutions. Those can include hardware, like new fitness trackers, as well as services like, yes, online exercise classes.  

To help spur your conversion rates, you could market such solutions to avid fitness enthusiasts — such as by getting your social media marketing messages onto smartwatch screens. We can further advise you on this matter if you contact our digital marketing experts directly.

Why now is an especially good time to promote fitness solutions

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