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Facebook’s New Features for Businesses

Facebook, in its ever-changing vision for the future, has come up with new features to help business owners generate more leads and connect with customers on more platforms. 

With a set of new tools, both free and paid, Facebook has created ways for business owners to connect with customers. Plus they’re testing new features set to come out next year. 

But, what are these features and how will they help businesses like you? 

1. Click to message ad updates

Facebook is updating the click-to-message ads, which encourage people to connect with businesses through messenger, Instagram, direct or WhatsApp. 

Businesses will now be able to invite customers to connect through any messaging platform, including those not owned by Facebook. 

It’s expected that the chat will launch in the app where the customer is most familiar. 

What this means is a breaking down of barriers to messaging as there’ll be chat available in the customer’s favourite app. 

2. WhatsApp chat from Instagram 

Facebook are also being more flexible with their integration capabilities through the launch of a new feature that involves both WhatsApp and Instagram. 

As a business owner you can now add WhatsApp click-to-chat buttons to Instagram. This again, is another easy way for customers to talk to you. This means if they’re unsure about contacting you, different chat options will make them more likely to get in touch. 

3. Messenger Quote Request

This is brand new and probably one of the most exciting for service-based businesses. Potential customers can quickly request a quote via Facebook. You’ll be able to customise the form to ask a few questions. And, customers can quickly click to request a quote from a business via messenger, which again breaks down those barriers. 

4. Lead generation on Instagram

This is another exciting one for businesses as Facebook is planning to allow lead gen through the Instagram app. And they’ve also said it’s going to be a more cost-effective way to generate leads than existing solutions. This is great, as any way businesses can generate leads in an easier way is a win. 

5. Business Suite

Alongside all of these, Facebook is also testing updates to the business suite. But there’s no release date yet, however they are updating the following sections: 

  • Emails – allowing businesses to manage emails through the inbox app and send remarketing emails via this suite.
  • File manager – this new feature will allow businesses to create, manage and post their content. 
  • Post testing – this will allow you to compare and test multiple versions. 
  • Work accounts – this will allow business minded users to login and operate business manager without needing a personal account. Businesses can manage these accounts on behalf of their employees and have access to enterprise features. 

With all these new features, business owners would be wise to keep an eye on what’s happening as Facebook expands. Hopefully these new features will allow business owners to interact and connect with customers in better ways.

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