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Our Web Marketing Intermediate Package

As a company with an interest in web marketing darlington, you may realise the importance of an SEO package that meets all of the most basic requirements, at a good price. However, you may also have some extra money to spend and may therefore wonder which team of professionals in web marketing could bring you the best return on your investment (ROI).

It is to serve website owners in such a position that Web Ahead Internet has assembled the most effective Intermediate web marketing package. This package shares with the Basic package its commitment to achieving the finest possible organic search engine results, but targets a greater number of keywords while also incorporating an optimised Google local listing.

All in all, the Intermediate web marketing package is highly suitable for any company that would like to give its site a strong search engine presence, without spending a fortune doing so. It is also a good choice for any site that presently has relatively low search engine results of less than one million.


Features of the

Web marketing Intermediate package
  • Submission to the Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines

    Our experts in web marketing North East know how to optimise your site so that it delivers greater and more relevant traffic, which can then be converted into a higher number of sales. We have a strong track record of achieving first page listings for many of our Intermediate package customers, with a success rate of more than 85% within one million results

  • 10 targeted keyword phrases

    Our Intermediate web marketing package targets twice as many keywords as our Basic package, meaning twice the impact. You can depend on our experts in web marketing Darlington to choose the most realistic, but relevant and fruitful keyword phrases so that you get the best value from your online campaign.

  • Site map optimisation

    A well-optimised site map can make a big difference to your organic search results, as it will help search engine spiders to do their work and discover more of your site’s most relevant pages and content.

  • Google Local Listing

    With more people than ever before using the search engines to search for businesses close to them, including from smartphones and other mobile devices, you are missing out on potential customers if you do not have an optimised Google Places listing that is informative and makes the best possible impression. Our experts in web marketing Darlington ensure that your own local listing stands out from the competition.